1. Registration of Players.

This year the team subscription fee will be £30.00 and for the 2023 season only will include your first 9 players registration. 

For all players after this, each team must pay a registration fee to the Local League of £5.00 per person. A minimum of 9 players per team must be registered. Payments of the £30.00 team subscription fee which is payable to the Local League must be paid at the Pre-Season meeting. Additional players may be registered at any time by contacting the Affiliation Secretary prior to the match in which the player wishes to play.

All players must be registered before playing in their first game with a team, a £5.00 registration fee is due within 7 days of registration.

Penalty.  Teams playing an unregistered player will lose 3 points.  Late payment will incur a penalty of DOUBLE REGISTRATION FEE PLUS £1.00 per week thereafter.  Fines will not be capped.  

Additional New Players.  New players can be registered at anytime throughout the season but the registration rules apply.

Transfer of Players.  Players can change teams at any time during the season but cannot play for 2 teams in any one week.  The new team needs to register the player and all registration rules apply.  The player is no longer registered with their old team, their old number cannot be used again.  Each time a player changes teams it is a new registration.

2. Players must be numbered when playing

3. Playing strip – Whenever possible teams are to wear matching strips.

4. All matches organised by The League will be played in accordance with the Rounders England rules and these Local League Rules.

5. All league matches will consist of 36 good balls per innings for two innings each.  Cup matches differ, see separate information.

6. Scoring – Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw. If a team fails to field, a side (except due to adverse weather conditions) the opposing team will be awarded three points and 15 rounders as extras. Half rounders scored as a result of no balls should not be attributed to a particular player but will be shown on the score sheet in the extra’s box.

7. Starting times – League matches will be played on a week day evening, Monday, Tuesday or a Wednesday at 6:30pm prompt.

8. Eighteen players can be named on the score sheet and any nine of the eighteen can play at any one time.

9. Roll on / Roll off – Players may roll on / roll off at any dead ball situation.

10. Re-arrangement of Matches – All matches must be played on the date specified on the fixtures list, matches may neither be brought forward or postponed to a later date from specified except when the following conditions apply:-

a) ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS – In the event that the weather conditions would make it unwise or unsafe to play the match on the date specified on the fixtures list, the Captain of the HOME side shall have the right between the hours of 5.00pm and 5:30pm on the day of the match to contact the opposing team Captain and both Umpires with a view to postponing the match. The FIXTURES SECRETARY will contact both Captain’s and Umpire’s to confirm a match has been cancelled. The date on which the match is to be played will be arranged by the FIXTURES SECRETARY taking into consideration other matches arranged to be played on the same ground. The Fixtures Secretary will notify all parties of the re-arranged date.

b) ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS – In the case where both teams have already assembled to commence play, it will be left up to the Umpires to postpone the play for 15-20 minutes. They then have the decision to postpone the match to another date or to start play. If they decide that it is fit to play then the Umpire’s will not be held in any way responsible for any injury which may result from this decision.

c) ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS AND BAD LIGHT – If after the match has started the UMPIRES jointly consider the weather conditions / light would make it unwise or unsafe to continue play then they will postpone play for 15-20 minutes. SHOULD THE UMPIRES BE UNABLE TO REACH A DECISION, AS WHETHER TO PROCEED OR NOT, BOTH CAPTAINS WILL BE CONSULTED AND CAN ASSIST WITH THE DECISION.

d) If the match is stopped before both teams have completed their first innings, then the match is considered null and void. The date on which the match is to be played will be arranged by the FIXTURES SECRETARY taking into consideration other matches arranged to be played on the same ground. The Fixtures Secretary will notify all parties of the new date.

e) If the match is stopped after both teams have completed their first innings, then the rounders scored by each team shall be carried forward to the re-arranged match at which time the match will be completed by each team batting once (the second innings of the match). The date on which the match is to be played will be arranged by the FIXTURES SECRETARY taking into consideration other matches arranged to be played on the same ground. The Fixtures Secretary will notify all parties of the new date.


For each match played the Captain’s of each team shall provide an official score sheet on which is entered the batters name, batting order numbers plus the registration numbers. At the end of each match, each team Captain is responsible for advising the Umpires of their team’s selection for ‘Player of the Match’. This is to be noted in the appropriate place on the score sheet. In addition, each team must also nominate a ‘Player of the Match’ from their own team, this also to be noted in the appropriate place on the score sheet. At the end of the match, both captains (or appointed results person by the Captain for a team) will take a clear image of each side of their score sheet, once the captains have signed to confirm accuracy & having matched scores to opposing sides sheet.  These two images (both sides of the sheet), will be uploaded to the results WhatsApp group.  Captains must retain the hard copy of the sheet until the end of the season.  All sheets must be uploaded into the group for the RESULTS OFFICER by NOON ON SATURDAY following the game. If a match has had to be rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions and is now being played on a Thursday, then the winning team’s Captain has until the Saturday one week and a day after the match to upload the score sheets to the RESULTS OFFICER. Score sheets must still uploaded for the RESULTS OFFICER even if the match is cancelled or ‘abandoned’, dated by BOTH Captain’s by Saturday noon following the game as usual, this enables the RESULTS OFFICER & FIXTURES SECRETARY to then reschedule all cancelled or abandoned matches.

PENALTY – Late results sheets – Each offending team will lose three points and the team’s rounders will be deducted from their total rounders for score, however individual rounders will still stand. 

If for any reason a team is permitted to cancel a match without rearrangement. The result will be recorded as a 15 v 0 loss to the cancelling team.


The HOME side is responsible for marking the pitch for each match (except in the case of team’s playing at Northampton Road, where the ‘Grounds Person’ is responsible) in accordance with the dimensions specified in figure (1). The HOME side is also responsible for providing the match balls and posts. The Umpire’s shall ensure that the playing area to be used does not show signs of undue wear. If the Umpire’s decide that the area is unfit because of undue wear then they shall require the Home team to mark or use an alternative pitch.


The Umpire’s must settle any dispute during the match and at the time of the incidence. A player may appeal to the Umpire or request her Captain to do so on her behalf, but only one player at a time may appeal.



In the event of Umpire’s failing to turn up or arriving more than 15 minutes late without fair reason or prior notice to a match the following penalties will be enforced – The team responsible will lose 3 points.

PLEASE NOTE – If a team cannot provide an Umpire for a match, then it will be the team Captain’s responsibility to find a replacement and ensure that the umpiring duty is covered. 


A player can change teams at any time during the season but cannot play for two teams during the same week. A registration fee would be paid each time a player changed teams.   See registration of players in rule 1.


Participation in any capacity of pregnant women is not allowed playing or umpiring.


It has now been agreed that when nominating a player’s player at the end of each match, you will need to nominate a player from your own team as well as a player from the opposition.


All Knockout Cup rules are the same as the League rules apart from the following:

1. Cup Matches will be played on Thursdays at 6:30pm prompt.

2. If a team plays an unregistered player in the Cup then the offending team will be disqualified from the cup competition.  To be eligible to play in the knockout cup final, a registered player must have played two games for the applicable club during the same playing season.  These two qualifying games can be league or cup games.  If an un-eligible player plays in the knock out cup final, the team fielding this player will be disqualified.

3. In a Cup match a minimum of TWO bowlers must be used per team, the match will consist of 30 good balls per innings for two innings. Any bowler can only bowl 30 good balls in the game consecutively. (Once a bowler has bowled in one innings they cannot be used in the again during the game unless the game enters a third innings. If at the end of two innings played the game is a draw, a third innings shall be played; this will consist of 30 good balls, 15 balls can be bowled maximum per bowler used in the third innings.

4. Scoring – The team with the most rounders will go through to the next round. If a team fails to field a side, the opposing team automatically goes through to the next round.

5. ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS – The same rules apply as for league matches.

NOTE – HOME Captain is the 1st team named on the fixtures list.

6. Score Sheets must still be uploaded to the RESULTS OFFICER via the WhatsApp group even if the match is cancelled or abandoned, dated by both the Captain’s by Saturday 12.00 following the match as usual.

PENALTY – The winning team will lose three points from The League tables if score sheets are handed in late. They will not lose the match and will be able to continue to the next round of the Knockout Cup.

7. Umpires- In the event of Umpire’s failing to turn up to a match the following penalties will be enforced.

PENALTY – Failure to provide an Umpire for the Knockout Cup matches, the team responsible will lose 3 points from the League table each time the offence occurs.